"Do not be anxious about anything but in everything through prayer and petition with thanksgiving present your requests to God. And the peace of God which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."
Philippians 4:6-7

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our Fall Escape

We returned from our short trip to North Georgia and places unknown. My Charlie has such an adventurous spirit and it is fun to start out the day and not really know exactly where you will end the day.

Before we started our adventure, we spent our first day in Macon doing something that Charlie is not too crazy about but he went anyway. There was an Arts and Craft Show (Christmas in the South) and he, my sister and daddy spent the better part of the day roaming up and down aisles of people's creative works. There was a lesson in patience as we had to keep from bumping into people and baby buggies. It was a good day to be with family.

Sunday we hit the road with the intention of driving to Athens and roaming the campus to reminisce. However, we decided to head over to Commerce to go to one of my favorite "stores" - the Pottery Barn. To my dismay as we drove into the parking lot we realized sadly that it was CLOSED as in out of business. Oh well, life changes and life goes on. We found a really cute little place called the SASSY RABBIT. That was an interesting name so we had to venture in and see what it was all about.  Lots of cute little "ticky tack" items. "Ticky Tack" items are those things that you buy on vacation when you would not buy them any other time. We got that expression from a friend of ours that lives in North Ireland. (Another story for another day) 

Back in the car we continued north and decided that Blairsville would be our destination for the night. We wanted to make sure we didn't get stranded somewhere in the mountains and there be "no rooms in the Inn".  We rode along a stretch of highway that is known as Deal's Gap. This is definitely a motorcycle territory. Great curves! Charlie was wishing we were on the Harley.  The trees were pretty but had hit their peak about 2 weeks ago. Still, it was wonderful to see the splashes of color that God had left for us to look at.

Monday began our trip south. We stopped in Blue Ridge and rode around part of the Lake and looked at the dam. We had not been through that part of Blue Ridge and the trees around the lake were still splattered with oranges, yellows and reds. Had to pick me up some rocks and pine cones to add to my collection at home. Of course, we had to go through some of the shops and we found some unique items. With it being Monday there were not many people there so we could leisurely walk through town.

Moving on towards Jasper, we stopped at The Bargain Barn - Charlie's place to shop. Gotta be fair and let him do some "shopping" for his Carhart stuff. We had to be in Griffin by 4 so we had to leave a little sooner than he wanted but that was okay because we knew we were headed to pick up our precious grandbaby, Anna. God helped us out there too. We got in that hover lane and made it through Atlanta with no delays. We were right on time and Anna was standing at the door waiting on us. What joy it was to see her.

The next day involved playing with her: coloring, putting together Lego castles, Lego beds for her Barbie dolls, coloring, playing "Cinderella", coloring. Did you get the idea that she likes to color? We were confined to the inside for 24 hours because Hurricane Ida became a tropical storm and dumped about 3 inches of rain in Griffin. Of course we had to watch a little TV - only Anna calls it TB. Curious George, Dora, and Diego were among our friends for the day.

Before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye to Anna and Kelly and we made our way home. It was a great escape. Family time and fellowship is precious and for us too long between visits.

Looking forward to our next escape.

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